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Case Study

The challenge


Introduce a new CEO as the change agent to Vertafore’s users—delivering a message that was approachable and demonstrated Vertafore’s commitment to their user’s success.

Our solution

We worked with executives to develop a robust content strategy and key messaging matrix to maximize the topics covered during the conference.

Content Strategy

Ensured a consistent and inspiring message across segments.

Environmental Design

Matched the tone of the company’s new vision.

Video Production

Spanned concept brainstorming to on-site execution. Produced video content in multiple formats, edited for both internal and external audiences in order to increase shelf life, portability and ultimately ROI.

Attendee Experience Audit

Identified new opportunities to engage with attendees and drive behavioral change in line with company strategy.

The event

During the event, attendees were challenged with a call to action – to share their experiences with the company’s products in a “confession booth.”  Attendees were so inspired that they volunteered to give videotaped feedback and commentary, which in turn influenced product development for the next year and also held Vertafore accountable to deliver on their promises to the customer and ensure they are listening.

We re-designed the conference’s How To Lab to demonstrate innovation and functionality of Vertafore products. With technology at the forefront, we upgraded the user experience to include a virtual queue and branded environment that reinforced Vertafore’s vision as a technology company.

Break out sessions gave attendees a chance to collaborate directly with Vertafore engineers and product developers.

We produced an opening video that was edited for both internal and external audiences – offering slightly different call to action for each.  We also created multiple formats of the video so that it could be used for live events, webcasts and promotional materials alike – ultimately increasing the shelf life and ROI of this investment. We also produced an opening video for the CEO’s presentation designed to garner an emotional reaction from attendees.


The CEO’s vision and message resonated with attendees, who were inspired to share their thoughts through video. The video comments collected helped to set direction and validate strategy for the product development team.