Our talent
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Our talent

We are senior level professionals
at the top of our game.

We don’t do things the same way as everyone else. In fact, we have a unique business model that gives you two big advantages:

No bait and switch

The team you meet is the team who executes your project. While we do develop junior talent, we don’t hand over the reins in order to meet the typical agency P&L.

Talented network

We have amassed a formidable network so we can get the right resources, right when you need them. Whether that means an experienced feature film producer, or a kick-ass speech writer, you know you’ll get best in class talent to fit your specific program.

Meet your team


Karen DeTemple

Karen founded Ideas with Impact based on a desire to do things differently. With a background that spans from big agencies to psychology studies, Karen understands what it takes to motivate people and shift behaviors—for both client teams and our own. Known for her candor and wit, Karen ensures every attendee journey has both big and small moments for people to learn, absorb and take action. Karen is a natural team orchestrator, bringing together the right mix of people, inspiration and process so that everyone can shine to the fullest.


Bree Hughes

Bree is passionate about delivering business results. She combines experience concepting, leading and delivering large-scale productions with a sharp eye for ROI and the bottom line (honed as part of her MBA from Vanderbilt). Bree has a unique perspective on the power of high-impact moments and motivates teams to do truly exceptional work. She understands that flawless execution is just the beginning, and works hard to make sure that every project communicates a clear business strategy and gets people moving in the same direction.

We build and lead teams strategically so that you always get awesome outcomes.

Associate Producer

Alicia Van Bourg

Alicia is our ace in the hole—keeping proposals, contracts, budgets (and sometimes the rest of the team) in line.

Technical Director, Stage Manager

Martin Dempsey

With a knack for “geeking out” at just the right times, Martin understands what it takes to make technology—and the event—hum.

Creative Director

James Kern

James is a tastemaker, instigator and visionary. He consistently finds exciting ways to bring people and technology together.

Executive Producer

Molly Biggi

Molly manages events from top to bottom. She’s a creative powerhouse—and also our resident wine expert.

Associate Producer

Allison Schaeffer Korn

Allison is obsessive—and in a good way. She ensures every event, no matter how big or small, goes off without a hitch.

Writer, Creative Director

Stephen DeGange

Stephen thinks before he writes—which is why he’s so often on point, and to the point. He turns dull into diva, all with a smile.

Producer, Assistant Stage Manager

Barb Nolan

A natural “speaker whisperer,” Barb makes sure everything attendees see looks effortless, even if backstage is anything but.

Writer, Producer

Shawn Sites

In her 35-year career, Shawn has “been there and done that.” Her experience is matched only by her passion for keeping things lively.

Art Director

Jason Perkins

With a passion for bringing ideas to life through motion graphics, Jason is a master at capturing—and keeping—people’s attention.

Art Director

Mike Magner

Enthusiasm combined with a drive to create, Mike thinks in 3-D. And, he makes sure we never settle for anything less than amazing.

Technical Director

Jeff Kalafus

Jeff has a mind made for engineering tough stage challenges, making any environment feel energetic and exciting.

Technical Director

Thom Mathis

Thom seamlessly translates wild ideas into technical solutions that create unforgettable, high-impact events.

Graphic Designer

Kent Jones

A kingpin of content, Kent makes strategy messages easy to understand and contributes to the full live experience with stage design and video production expertise.

Senior Producer

Kris Kuzniar

Whether it’s fresh ideas for graphics, or a buttoned-up run-of-show, Kris is a go-to player for events of any size.

Writer, Creative Director

Jason Hecker

From CEOs to professional athletes, Jason helps people find ways to connect on a human—and often humorous—level.